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Ishaqzaade 2012 (BluRay)


Ishaqzaade depicts the passionate love story of two defiant, rebellious individuals. The Chauhans and the Qureshis are two political families whose rivalry and mutual hatred for one another goes back generations. Parma (Arjun Kapoor) is a good-for-nothing local enforcer, grandson of the patriarch chauvinist, Grandfather Chauhan, who often takes digs at Parma for being the useless son of his widowed daughter-in-law. This makes Parma try to prove himself worthy. Zoya (Parineeti Chopra) is the trigger-happy, hot-tempered only daughter in a Muslim house full of brothers, along with her parents. She desires to go into politics like her father, but this dream is constantly laughed at by her family. When the local elections take place, Parma and Zoya's canvassing efforts lead to a clash between them, which is very lame. While Parma is enamored by her fearlessness, she is intrigued by his raw charm (including his inability to properly pronounce her name, instead calling her "joya" instead...

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